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If you don't have Substratum installed or have installed a ROM without OMS commits DO NOT PROCEED.-------------------------NOTE:----------------------

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Uptime 1.0.1

Uptime Server Monitor uses PHP Server Monitor Backend Script which checks whether your websites and servers are up and running. This app is designed t

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京东来点 2.6.0

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Notification Reminders: Quick Reminder, quick notes on Notification. Schedule Reminders.App allow you to note down quick instant notes those you can l

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C-Obfuscator is an encrypting & decrypting app that secure your texts as normal texts, messages, passwords, to secured string based on your own method

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Juice Theme è compatibile solo con il Cyanogen Theme engineInstallazione:•Applica il tema all'interno del Theme Engine•Riavvia70+ themed appThemed app

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Swift Style 1.2.4

Improve the look of your device with this beautiful and clean dark cm theme. Swift Style supports the CM12 / CM12.1 / CM13 / COS theme engine and is m

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SwitchMe allows you to log in and out of multiple user spaces just as you would on a desktop computer, with each account having its own system setting

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词道 3.4.0

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Vridge 1.3.3

Play PC VR games inside your mobile VR headset with VRidge technology. For a fraction of the cost!This app enables RiftCat's VRidge technology on Andr

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It's here – the Tech Terms Computer Dictionary for Android!Want to ramp up your knowledge of technology terms? Try the Tech Terms app from TechTerms.

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Environment Monitor is a weather app, using GPS location and your device's sensors.Displays outdoor temperature, humidity, air pressure and THI of cur

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LockNow 1.2

Lock and power off screen

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Project Log 1.5.0

Project Log delivers everything you need to track your work time fast and simple. It's the best timesheet app for android. Built for freelancers.Featu

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Configure the device for life situations (at home, at work, in your car, sleep outside, ...) with one click. Only manual configuration. For automatic

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证件照研究院App是一个特黑科技、特别设计、特别方便的证件照专业检测&证件照制作平台。1、全免费的证件照合规性检测平台支持从各国签证到各类报名考试在内的近400种证件照规格,36个检测项,免费进行证件照合规性检测:● 从「像素大小」到「分辨率」● 从「jpg」到「背景颜色」● 从「人脸姿态」到

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