Wiser 1.5.29 [free]


Enjoy a Wiser and simpler Smartphone experience.

Wiser is a friendly way for people who wish to enjoy a smartphone without the hassle of finding their way
in the complex smartphone environment. Wiser could fit the use of Non tech savvy people, seniors and more.

Wiser is a redesign of the smartphone applications allowing you to better communicate, friendlier picture experience and access to your favorite content.

Designed by mobile expert, having you and your needs in mind.
No more generic experience that should fit all.

Wiser will replace your native experience with a more
suitable one for your needs.

In 2 easy steps (download and install) you could start enjoying “Wiser” on your Smartphone today.
Try it; it will change your mobile experience!

Introducing soon the Companion application - an easy way to interact and be supported by your friends
and family from their own device. We are in close Beta, for more info please visit our website.

Please contact us for any questions or feedbacks or visit our website for more information on Wiser
and Companion.

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  • Nom du logiciel: Wiser
  • Logiciel Catégorie: Personnalisation
  • Code: com.wiser.home
  • La dernière version: 1.5.29
  • Exigence: {S} ou supérieur
  • Taille du fichier : 12.01 MB
  • Mettre à jour temps: 2018-05-22