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Circulets takes the fun for families and parties to the next level by introducing two players to a competitive play on a single device. Define your own rules as you collect circulets (or not) to play.Awarded the MOST INNOVATIVE GAME award at the Indie Prize Showcase ( during the international game developer's conference - Casual Connect Asia 2013, Singapore, Circulets is a new kind of experience for your Android devices. MAJOR UPDATE 1.4
We just went ahead and made a major update to the game (coming soon):
* 2 new game modes (replaces the old infinity mode)
* Native Facebook integration
* and many more delights! SELECTED REVIEWS“'s like a new form of Rock, Papers, Scissors when you need to make quick decisions between friends...”
–the surfing violinist“It’s an intensely simple game, but the action is as furious as any FPS or beat-’em-up.”
–“ of the best two-player games available on mobile right now. It’s simple, fun, looks good and quite cheap...”
–“I’ve been playing with friends and it has been a lot of fun. They get used to the game very quickly and start enjoying it even sooner.”
–“ a unique two-player tabletop game for touch devices...”
–“’s so easy to play, that I won’t be surprised if it climbs up to the top 10 of the paid apps list...”
–“...the urge to get more and more circles to our pit makes it very addictive...”
–“If you are looking for a great local multiplayer game then I recommend giving Circulets a try.”
–“’s something that you’ll fall in love with at a first glance. I know I did.”
Circulets brings a new and innovative experience to your touch devices. It is not about winning. It is about who you play with and how you chose to play. Its a simple toy that helps you explore your relationships in new ways.ADVISORY: cut your nails, learn defensive tackles, learn finger jousting and friendly banter, and clamp your device before you play.Circulets supports, both, your Android phones and tablets.
Circulets is a game about two players who play together (or against each other) in a journey to collect tiny, colored circles – Circulets. It is not as much about winning, as it is about sharing a wonderful moment together. It is about teasing each other, egging each other on. It is about reliving your childhood or making one.
Circulets is an open ended game. It does not stop you from using smart strategies against the other player. Dodge, Punch, Hold, Camp against the player. It encourages you to interpret your game in your own ways and to define your own rules. Playing with family? Try that simple, neat family rule! Playing in a party? Go crazy and teasing.
Circulets pits you against your loved ones in exploratory rounds of relationships. Challenge each other in a Time Trial of 30/60/90 seconds, or go all out on a journey together with the new Infinity mode. Explore how you interact with your different relationships and find those deep, comfortable spots of belonging with the frictional 'On the Flip Side' mode.
We are a team of 3 dreamy-eyed kids (at heart) who have grown up on a healthy dose of video games and have always wanted to make our own games. Our journey started in 2011, after a decade of making games as hobby, as we set up Hashstash Studios in India. Since then it has been “Us vs. the World”. We have been working hard on showing the finger to the man, and are getting closer every day. Circulets is our first complete offering and if the game is any indication, we are moving along the right way.

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  • App Name: Circulets
  • Category: Casual
  • App Code: in.hashstash.circulets
  • Version: 1.7
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  • Updated: 2017-08-31