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Falcross - 100,000+ Picross logic puzzles Mettre à jour temps 5.23.1

Falcross is the #1 Picross / Nonogram puzzle game in the world with over 500,000 downloads! Discover monsters, landscapes, patterns and more as you de

18.29 MB
Octopus Clan War: Tofu Monster Invasion Mettre à jour temps 24.0.99

The Octopus Slugs City is under attack of Tofu Monster! All octopus slugs must unite and strategize to protect their city from the coming invasion and

30.43 MB
Moving Ball : Slide Puzzle Mettre à jour temps 1.1

6 Game Modes with various difficulty levels and a total of 4,000 stages, you're free to challenge your mind as much as you want. * Outline * This is a

17.22 MB
Mortal Kombat Charatcers Game Quiz Mettre à jour temps 3.2.7z

Can you guess these exceptional mortal Kombat characters? The perfect mortal Kombat quiz for a game with questions and answers based on the popular vi

19.43 MB
Mobile Sudoku Mettre à jour temps 1.13.8

Sudoku implementation which can automatically generate an unlimited number of boards for six difficulty levels. It supports touchscreen and keyboard c

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Memory game Mettre à jour temps 1.1.0

Improve your memory by playing games. The game contains five different levels (from 16-64 symbols). You can select the level of difficulty (easy, medi

4.46 MB

Have fun learning languages with great music. Thousands of music videos and lyrics are waiting for you. Over a million people worldwide are already us

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Latin America Empire 2027 Mettre à jour temps lae.1.2.7

Latin America Empire 2027 game is a free political and strategy turn based game designed in single player mode. The year is 2027 and a big uprising to

43.1 MB
Kids Songs - Best Offline Songs Mettre à jour temps 1.0.7

Offline application contains collection of children's songs which is an application for educating children with songs that are age-appropriate for sha

24.03 MB
Jogo da Velha 3x3 5x5 7x7 Mettre à jour temps 1.1.7

Este app implementa tradicional Jogo da Velha com algumas melhorias. O tradicional jogo da velha consiste em um tabuleiro 3x3, jogado sempre por 2 jog

3.68 MB
Jigsaw Puzzles with Horses Mettre à jour temps 1.1.1

Stay sharp and train your intelligence this spatial puzzle game to improve your logic and geometry skill. Put together full pictures of beautiful hors

32.79 MB
Jigsaw Puzzles Offline Mettre à jour temps 1.1.1

To develop spatial intelligence or just stay sharp, it's great to solve geometry tasks and play logic games. Try our new jigsaw puzzle game with sever

31.52 MB
Guess the Naruto Character Quiz Mettre à jour temps 5.0

Do you enjoy watching Naruto anime, or read the manga? Are familiar with the characters in Naruto Universe? Here is your chance to test if you're a re

24.4 MB
Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles Mettre à jour temps 9.3.99

No more flat gameplay and boring images! Welcome to the updated Good Old Jigsaw Puzzles! Your favorite jigsaw puzzle game became better! Vivid and bri

49.16 MB
Get Out Fun Mettre à jour temps 1.8.6

Zvládnete na své cestě posbírat všechny indície, abyste věděli kudy dál? Jste všímaví a baví Vás namáhat si hlavu při vašich netradičních výletech? Ve

8.56 MB
Geek Quiz (Guess the Picture) Mettre à jour temps 3.9.7zg

• In ENGLISH, it can be played OFFLINE and totally FREE! • Quiz divided into several themes in the geek universe where you will have to figure out the

17.61 MB
Fashion Pairs - Girls Puzzle Mettre à jour temps 1.0.2

There are 30 cards on the field. Tap cards to flip them. If 2 flipped cards have the same picture, they stay face up and you get 1 point. If the pictu

31.87 MB
Fabularium: Interactive Fiction Mettre à jour temps 1.3.5

Create and play interactive fiction on your Android phone or tablet. Also known as text adventures, interactive books, playable novels, z-machine, glu

21.17 MB
DropDown Block 3D Mettre à jour temps 28

This block game is more fun to play several people. Each person is going to turn the game on. Grabbing balance, block push, or block drag up This bloc

35.26 MB
Drilla — crafting game Mettre à jour temps 7.10

This time everything happens underground. What is there? Explore minerals, craft replacement parts, digging deeper, assemble your Drilla, boost it and

54.87 MB