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BakaReader EX Mettre à jour temps 1.1.55

The BakaReader EX is a new project for reading Light Novels translations from the website.Enabling you to download the Novel content an

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All Language Translator Free Mettre à jour temps 1.16

All Language Translator Free download application to translate All Language. Download the largest All Language Translator dictionary with over lack's

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교보eBook Mettre à jour temps 3.0.28

eBook보기 딱 좋은 앱, 교보ebook 국내 최대 eBook 서점 교보eBook에서 독자분들이 그토록 원하시던 기본기에 충실한, 그리고 더욱 편리해진 좋은 앱을 선보입니다. > 최적화된 eBook독서 경험을 위한 읽기 설정과 기능을 더욱 강화 했습니다. > 다양하고

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15 Lines Hefz/ Hafezi Quran Mettre à jour temps 6.0.21

The application makes easy to find out suras from the 15 lines hefz quran sharif. The application includes sura index, para index, goto page, bookmark

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Daily Bible Devotion Mettre à jour temps 5.31

Daily Bible Devotion is a free app that brings you daily verses & religious inspirational devotions. Receive a morning and an evening Bible verse and

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Bookmate — reload your reading Mettre à jour temps 4.7.2

– Enjoy 850,000 subscription books & 50,000 free books! – New titles, bestsellers, classics, business books and more. – Get recommendations from frien

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Free Retouch Guide for Retouch is made by Fans. This guide is intended only to assist people How to Edit Photo with Retouch excellent new application

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Wattpad Beta Mettre à jour temps

This is a Beta version of Wattpad! That means this version gives you early access to new and experimental features we're trying out. However, since th

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HOOKED - Chat Stories Mettre à jour temps 1.76.0

HOOKED lets you read amazing chat stories on your phone. These are gripping, edge-of-your seat thrillers that will keep you reading for hours. Or, wri

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FBReader Mettre à jour temps 2.9

FBReader (FBReaderJ) is a free ebook reader. Supports epub, rtf, doc (MS Word), html, fb2(.zip), mobi (including non-protected kindle books), and plai

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New King James Bible (NKJV) Mettre à jour temps

Read and study the Bible anywhere—for free. Customize your NKJV Bible with reading plans, notes, highlights, and bookmarks that sync on every device.

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[หนึ่งสัปดาห์ก่อน] ~ตื๊อดึง!~ น้อยจอย: อยากอ่านนิยายจังเลย ทีมงาน: ก็อ่านซิจ๊ะ น้องจอย: แต่น้องจอยไม่ค่อยมีเวลางะ แค่เล่นโซเชียลก็หมดวันละ จะเอาเวลาไห

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Inkitt Mettre à jour temps 2.10.49

Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and read them for free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horror stories, mystery, roman

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'English to Tamil dictionary' Offline - completely free dictionary useful for all English learners, from beginners to advanced level. This Bilingual D

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اذكاري (يعمل تلقائياً) Mettre à jour temps 4.0

رطّب لسانك بذكر الله حتى وإن كنت تتحدث مع الأصدقاء أثناء المحادثات واثناء تصفحك للهاتف التطبيق مميز للغاية و تمّت برمجته ليعمل بذكاء أثناء تصفحك للهات

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Islamic Audios Library Mettre à jour temps 5.0.92

Islamic Library vocal lessons and sermons and lectures Islamist number more than 60000 and 795 familiarize Sheikh With the possibility of listening vi

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MDict Mettre à jour temps 2.1.4

MDict is a multi-platform (IOS/Android/Windows Mobile/PC) dictionary. It doesn't have built-in dictionary data, but it's a open platform that you can

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French Dictionary - Offline Mettre à jour temps 3.9

The French dictionary explains the meaning of French words, based on French Wiktionary. This is a monolingual French dictionary: words must be entered

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Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry Mettre à jour temps 8.0.250

'A favourite. It should be in every classroom and library ... the reader is drawn inevitably from one entry to the next merely to satisfy curiosity' -

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Oxford Mathematics Dictionary Mettre à jour temps 8.0.239

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics provides jargon-free definitions for over 3,000 of even the most technical mathematical terms. This dicti

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