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神奇百货 2.0.2

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SDelete 4.3

SDelete(Secure Delete) is an advanced file shredder which securely deletes your personal data and makes it unrecoverable by any advanced recovery tool

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奶糖 3.2.5

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淘金路 7.2.14

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Dockat 2.3

The best way of multi tasking manage in Android is using launch Google Now gesture.It no need run service in background and you can launch it every wh

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Save Pages Offline is an Android app for saving full webpages for offline reading, with lots of features and options.Save Pages Offline is useful for

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凌健身 2.1.2

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美着呢 2.6.0

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Gesture Search lets you quickly access contacts, applications, settings, music and bookmarks on your Android device by drawing letters or numbers. It

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This app was made as a tool to help you replace light bulbs with new LED or energy saving light bulbs that is approximately as bright as the old one.U

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浪客直播 1.6.1

汇聚海量财经名人、证券分析师、证券投资顾问、基金经理和民间投资人士,7*24小时为您呈现最精彩的移动视频直播体验。 看大盘、聊行情、选基金、学理财——您所需要的,尽在浪客直播!【手机直播零门槛】 人人都来做主播,玩法简单又随性【大咖网红零距离】 和财经名家面对面沟通,精彩互动每一刻【投资课堂零学费】

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必看 1.2.5

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QQ 2.1.3

一个通知管理软件,通过获取 QQ 通知内容,并由自己重新发送,来取得更换图标、支持新版本系统特性等目的。

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追书助手 1.0.0

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TaskManager 3.9.0

With TaskManager you could view and terminate running Apps. You could select between user apps oder all including system apps. No system services will

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This widget simply shows your current location in numbers. GPS coordinates are received from the GPS location provider or from the network location pr

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