LiquidSky 0.4.14 [free]


*NOT A REMOTE DESKTOP* - *YOU GET A FULL PC IN THE CLOUD*LiquidSky lets you run any PC program or game on your Android device! Simply open the LiquidSky app and your device is transformed into a high end Windows Gaming Desktop PC. Run games like Fallout 4, Counter Strike, Witcher 3 and many more on their highest settings! You don’t even need to own a computer! Once approved into the beta, you can login and access a full Windows desktop PC hosted in the cloud to install any Windows program or game. LiquidSky supports almost any OTG/Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or controller. LiquidSky requires a stable 4G/WiFi internet connection to function properly and may not be compatible with your Android device. For the best experience we recommend being within 1,500km of a data center. We currently have 8 data centers across the world.Data Center Locations Include: San Jose, CA - Dallas, TX - Washington D.C. - Frankfurt, Germany - London, UK -Hong Kong - Tokyo, Japan - Sydney, Australia We are always adding more locations so please let us know which locations you want us to consider here questions? Visit our F.A.Q for more information: for the beta at to get your free trial access.

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  • Nom du logiciel: LiquidSky
  • Logiciel Catégorie: Divertissement
  • Code: co.liquidsky
  • La dernière version: 0.4.14
  • Exigence: {S} ou supérieur
  • Taille du fichier : 28.08 MB
  • Mettre à jour temps: 2018-11-09