Translator Foto - Voice, Text & File Scanner 5.4 [free]


Translator Foto is a versatile translation tool that supports 100+ language text translations and voice translation.
What is the use of Translator Foto?
Travel Travel freely wherever you are and easily understand foreign language menus, road signs etc.
Communication Communicate with foreigners without any difficulties and language barriers with the help of Translator Foto.
Study 100+ language translations supported, any type as you wish to learn.
Work Take photo of foreign business files, recognize it, get texts and easy to translate!Translator Foto Main Functions:Photo Translation
Open Translator Foto, take photo of the file and convert into txt form, translation will be available for just one second. You can also save pictures to your phone album
to prevent loss
 Instant Voice Translation
Translator Foto is also able to recognize, read and translate your voice. Easily recognize voice, instantly convert & translate it into desired language, simple, fast
and straightforward
 Text Translation
Manually enter text, such as sentences, phrases or characters, etc. or copy text from any applications or web browser and translate it quickly.Clean UI
Simple user interface, easy operation, quick start and easy to use
 100+ languages Support
Translator Foto supports English, Japanese, French, Spanish etc. A total of 100+ foreign languages available
 Edit Tex
Copy text to clipboard, other app or browser, etc; edit scanned text; share scanned text or translations with friends via social network.
 Check History
You can also view your historical translation history freely.

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