Headset Menu v1.349 [free]


Easy access to your music apps!This app creates a menu in your notification area when you connect earphones or a Bluetooth headset to your device. * Choose which apps to put on the menu and sort them as you like* Turn on the screen when a headset is connected* Auto-start an app when headset is connected* Icon alignment (left, right, space evenly) in notification* Can create a widget that is made visible when a headset is connected* Icon pack support* Bluetooth device blacklistMateria design icon and misc graphics by Adam Lapinski (https://plus.google.com/+AdamLapinski_Yeti)Development thread:http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-headset-menu-b1-t2817988Icon by Adam Lapinskihttp://www.yeti-designs.comNeeded permissions:* RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start when phone starts* BLUETOOTH: Check Bluetooth state* INTERNET: Used to report crash data to Crittercism (error reporting service)* READ_LOGS: Allows collecting logcat data to be attached to crashes and handled exceptions.* GET_TASKS: Allows augmenting crash reports with information on the activity running during a crash.* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows the app database to be saved to SD-card* WAKE_LOCK: Nedded for turning on the screen on headset connection* REORDER_TASKS: to bring other apps to foreground / auto-launchNo personal information is gathered by this app. Only crash reports are sent to me so I can fix bugs and improve the app.

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  • Nom du logiciel: Headset Menu
  • Logiciel Catégorie: Outils
  • Code: com.ginzburgconsulting.headsetmenu
  • La dernière version: v1.349
  • Exigence: {S} ou supérieur
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  • Mettre à jour temps: 2018-02-14