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Jio Coin Cryptocurrencies Guide - JioCoin Currency for India
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CoinMarketCapp provides +1000 cryptocurrencies real-time info in your android phone
✓ Add cryptocurrencies to your favorite list.
✓ Receive alerts to be aware when any currency reaches the desired value
✓ Set your cryptocurrencies and your invest and see your benefits.
✓ Historic: Last hour, last day and last week info.
✓ Search and sort among a +1000 cryptocurrencies.
✓ Available in USD (United States Dollars), EUR (euros), GBP (Great Britain Pounds), CNY (Chinese Yuan), AUD (Australia Dollars), HKD (Hong Kong Dollars), IDR (Indonesia
Rupiah), INR (India Rupee), JPY (Japan Yen), MXN (Mexico Peso), MYR (Malaysia Ringgit), RUB (Russia Ruble) and SGD (Singapore Dollar). Are you missing any currency? Ask
for it!
The new way to stay tuned for every coin on the market
View all your block-chain assets at once, and find detailed information on each coin. Having a clear overview of the cryptocurrency market can drastically help
WARNING: To ensure a properly work of alerts check that "Restrict all background data" is set to OFF. Otherwise alerts won't work.

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