Grocery Shopping List - Listonic 6.20.2 [free]


Listonic, the smart grocery shopping List is a free app that improves the quality of your grocery shopping by making it easier, faster, and most importantly smarter. It is
all you would want out of a shopping list and more.
Your favourite grocery list app gets a beautiful Google Material Design makeover!
Why use Listonic
- We know you appreciate your free time, we know you want to make shopping as fast as possible. And we know that about 70% of products on your shopping lists are
repetitive. That’s why Listonic now suggests your favorite products first. And you’re able to add quantities with one simple tap at the same time now!
- Need a change? Not in the mood for your fav zucchini pasta? Stop crying and start organizing your weekly menu with Listonic. Browse our catalogue: you will find
many product inspirations categorized by aisle order. Easy swipe, easy choice!
- Now Listonic can recognize units! Write a number and a product, and you’ll get suggestions immediately!
- What’s bought and what’s not? Now you will clearly see! You will see how much you’ve already spent as well as how much you’re going to spend on missing
- It makes shopping with family and friends much easier. Your lists are synced, so any changes are instantaneously seen by others. You can also share your shopping
list with a friend who doesn’t use Listonic app via email or a text message!
- Listonic provides hundreds of useful tips and hacks on buying, preserving, and cooking to help you make healthy grocery list.
Listonic is available on every type of smartphone or feature phone, all major platforms. No matter what kind of phone you'll have in future we'll make sure that there is a
Listonic shopping list for that

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  • La dernière version: 6.20.2
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