Outfluence – A Personal CRM 1.2.17 [free]


Managing multiple professional opportunities?
Want to remain organized and on track while following up on tasks and organizing meetings?
Want to meet more like-minded people and explore a new talent pool, basis your forte and objectives?
Outfluence is the app for you!
We often forget or hesitate to follow up after meetings, resulting in the loss of opportunities for collaboration.
Outfluence is a personal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that helps in managing connections, conversations, tasks and drives the next steps identified during
meetings to a conclusion.
We're your Personal Assistant that manages and organizes your contacts and business relations.
We help in several steps in your professional journey. We help give structure to your entire networking channel, by simplifying and automating the way we manage our
relationships and subsequent actions.
Key Features of Outfluence:
• Personal CRM
- Connect with people, add self-notes, understand the ‘Forte’ of your connections and their "objective" to meet people.
- Filter your connections by adding personalized tags.
• Calendar Management -
- Set up meetings and Follow-Ups with proper agenda in place.
- Create action items, and log them in one place, leaving no participant out of context.
- Share your Calendar by making it public or only with specific people.
- Set Agenda and create a Checklist or task list.
- Add comments and have pre/post-meeting conversations.
• Productivity management
- Track next steps within the same shared meeting invite with due dates and defined ownership.
- Digital/ Paper-less contact sharing (card scanning to v-card saving)
- Automated reminders for all tasks, meetings so you don't miss a due date.
- Set regular or custom alerts like a response to e-mail reminder, and you'll always be on top of your network.
• Task management
- Manage and track all next steps, tasks, and to-dos from different meetings in one view.
- Get visibility of your and your team’s work.
• Searchable
- Navigate easily using search keywords for quick results.
Why you'll love Outfluence,
We're your Professional Network Manager, aka virtual assistant. Whether it is keeping up with friends or your business network, Outfluence will give you the right platform
and features to connect with everyone. From syncing your address book to sending a meeting invite without the need for business email and creating personalized private
notes, it's now a cakewalk to stay in contact with everyone.
Scheduling a meeting with Outfluence is absolutely hassle-free. You don't need an email ID - just phone numbers and the calendar is blocked!
With Outfluence, your data is secure and safe. We never share your information. We only help you organize and act upon your data and information chunks better.
As everyone says, the first impression is the last. Given you are the center of your network, make it a circle of your influence by effectively driving collaborations and
discussions to a conclusion and being more effective and fit by increasing your productivity. As we’d like to say, ‘Start Outfluencing!’

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