Maths Equations 1.4.6 [free]


Do you want to learn to solve systems of equations?
Do you want to know the full development step by step?
"Matemáticas Ecuaciones" is a simple and intuitive application for solving systems of linear equations of two equations with two unknowns by the following methods:
- Equalization
- Substitution
- Elimination
- Determinants (Cramer's Rule)
- Multi language: English and spanish.
- Intuitive introduction of the system of ecuations in a preview pane before the resolution.
- Description step by step of the entire resolution process from the beginning to obtain the solution.
- Theoretical description of each of the methods.
- Graphical representation of the solution in a cartesian axes. You can see the exact point of intersection while you can slide the panel to move anywhere on the
- The application is optimized for smartphones and tablets
- Students in any grade level.
- Teachers, to introduce it into their teaching methods.
- Anyone with an interest in the wonderful world of mathematics.
- The methods of substitution, reduction and determinant are available with additional charge.
If you have any problems, before you put a negative comment, send an email to [email protected] and we will try to resolve it as soon as

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