Teamwork NGO [free]


Teamwork NGO is a fully controllable and secure communication platform for NGOs. Organizations can use Teamwork NGO for both their internal and external
communication needs, enabling the convenience of instant messaging to serve as the base of their very own official communication platform.
Users just need to log in to Teamwork NGO in order to access a wide range of information from their organization, such as announcements and NGO specific materials. Members
can also use secure instant messaging with others in their organization to chat in realtime through text, voice, photos or videos. With group chat support for up to 250
members in a single conversation, it is a flexible and powerful communication tool for internal collaboration.
Organizations can create blast messages that can be sent to all users or certain groups of users (such as a particular team or department), and those recipients will
instantly receive push notifications on all of their connected mobile devices. These blast messages can take many forms, from simple notices to complex questionnaires. This
enables users to stay updated with the latest information relevant to themselves and their respective teams or departments.

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