Love Influencer - Interactive story 3.5.51 [free]


Our heroine has a dream: to have her own restaurant. But relegated as committed by a manipulative chef, she despairs and dares not impose herself. Solitary, it only opens
to his best friend Emma, ​​because together they share a terrible past: when they were in high school, their friend Lauren has a dramatic spell following a humiliating
video posted on the internet ...
Three years after this tragedy, our heroine is still traumatized by the fate of her friend and that is why she lives in a retreat, possessing neither smartphone nor
computer. But one day, new neighbors are settling in the heroine's building: Val, an extremely popular influencer, and her boyfriend Matt. But according to Emma, ​​this
Val could turn her dreams into reality and allow her to open her own restaurant, because everything she touches, she turns into gold ...
Between a rise to fame and an introspective investigation of the past, Love Influencer tells both the dream of rhinestones and sequins of the world of influencers and an
investigation that will see the heroine, harassed by a mysterious stalker, be forced to return in his hometown to unravel the mystery around his missing friend ...
And with Matt, Val's boyfriend, the woman she would like to be, Jon a former high school friend, whom she loved very much but who reminds her of Lauren too much, and Ben,
a businessman who might well allow him to pitch his own restaurant, the heroine will also be embarked on a whirlwind of love where will intermingle the figures of the
future and the past. But where is the truth?

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