Sales Manager 6.3.2 [free]


Sales Manager is a powerful tool for producing sales invoices in the field. It is also a FREE app. It is not a trial version, and there is no expiry date. It is fully
functional, though there are a number of paid extras (see below).
Sales Manager is faster and more accurate than traditional paper-based methods, and can handle large amounts of data. Invoices can be printed on a Wi-Fi printer, and
barcodes can be scanned from any Android device with a built in camera. The salesman does not have to lug around a heavy laptop - he only needs the phone that he already
Sales Manager is a cloud based system. It allows the salesmen to download product and customer data from a web server, take orders in the field, and upload them back to
the server. Each company that uses our server has its own database, which can it can maintain using a web application. Companies that prefer to do so can also host their
own web servers.
Sales Manager is designed to run on just about any iPhone or Android phone, and can be used even on devices with small screens. It has a rich graphical user interface,
which makes it easy to learn and to use. The application uses a highly scalable SQLite database, and all queries are indexed. It can handle large numbers of customers and
products, with little or no loss of performance.
Sales Manager can adapt to match most business situations, and automatically formats dates and prices according to the current locale. It also has a flexible business
model that includes support for multiple price lists and variable tax rates. It can be used for returns and refunds, as well as invoices.
• Fast response to user input
• Highly scalable database
• Easy to learn
• Simple user interface
• Barcode scanning
• Invoice printing
• Web services
• Multiple price lists
• Variable tax rates
Sales Manager runs a subscription service, and companies pay a monthly fee to use our server. Our Management Console allows companies to upload and download data in CSV
format. They can also edit their databases directly, and perform various management functions. The use of the mobile application itself is free for companies that use our
Vanguard Software also provides both PHP/MySQL and ASP.Net/SQL Server scripts for companies that choose to manage their own web servers. This requires a lot more effort
than using our own server, but it does allow companies to integrate our database with their existing applications. Companies pay a license fee for each mobile device that
they use.
The following features of the app require in-app purchases:
• Backup Data - save and restore the database and settings used by the app.
• Email Invoices - send invoices to customers and to a back office account.
• Print Invoices - print invoices on a range of printers.
• Scan Barcodes - scan barcodes, using the camera or an external scanner.
• Use Profiles - work for more than one company.
• Use Web Server - work for more than one company.
A lot more information, including manuals and other downloads, can be found on our web site at

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