Voxpopme - Paid Video Surveys 8.5.3 [free]


Ever wanted to get paid for your opinion? Introducing Voxpopme, a simple way to voice your opinion and make money!
This exciting app is a simple way to make money from expressing your views on products, services, adverts and more! Brands are asking the questions and offering cashback,
via PayPal, in return for videopinions™ from consumers like you.
It’s really simple to use! Just follow the live stream of paid questions surveys waiting to be answered, then select a question, record your videopinion™ and receive a
cash reward.
The short Voxpopme video response will share your feedback directly with the brand. As soon as you've answered enough questions, simply cash-out. It’s all handled securely
through PayPal.
What are you waiting for? Become part of the Voxpopme consumer panel by downloading the app today.
Creates a profile for you based on your age, gender and interests, making it quick and easy for you to get started as a panel member. Your responses will never be uploaded
to your Facebook without extra permission.
New questions, specifically targeted to you, will appear in your stream. You'll also see the expiry time, and the number of responses left so you know how long you've got
to record and submit your video response.
New short surveys will appear in your stream. Unlock more questions by completing these surveys.
Easily view any videos, PDFs, or images that the brand has posted in relation to their question.
Using your device's front-facing camera, leaving video responses between 15 and 60 seconds. It really is that easy to start earning money through your smartphone.
Cash-out your earnings straight into your bank account quickly and securely through your PayPal account.
Through Facebook Open Graph you are now able to share with your friends as you view questions, answer them and cash out. This will never automatically post your video to
Be notified as soon as a new question becomes available.
Invite your friends and get paid for each friend who signs up for Voxpopme and submits a video
Voxpopme lets you make a real difference to products and services that matter to you and cash rewards you for helping brands with their market research. Download the app
and start making money today.

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