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【C CHANNEL's feature】
"CLIPPER" is everyday introducing their various genre contents such as Japanese famous sightseeing spot report, fancy fashion coordinate, low price recommend cosmetics,
affordable hair arrange, and useful informations for daily life!
Let's enjoy an everyday life by checking C CHANNEL when you have a break at school or office and you get up from a bed or you go to bed!
***Who is CLIPPER?***
Clipper is women who introduce their recommend shop, fashion item, and spot with a selfie vertical style videos. A famous magazine's models, a famous blogger, nailist,
yoga instructor, and so on are acting as C CHANNEL's clipper.
【Various categories】
You can find a suitable category from rich selection!
•hair(hair style, hair arrange)
•food(cafe, sweets)
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We would love to hear your opinions and make C CHANNEL better.
Please give us your opinions if you have any requests, questions, and bugs.


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