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Listen to more than 100,000 real music clips from artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction, Bon Jovi and more! Guess the correct artist an

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Would it be nice to make high speeds as a meteor, to explore hidden galaxies, to travel between planets, to experience adventures while discovering th

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"SlimeClimbing" is simple action game. Are you able to save the Lucifer? - Easy to operate virtual controller. - Powerful auto save function. - Techni

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Samurai Less 1.0.5

Help our Hero, Samurai Less, in his endless and exciting Adventure! He is looking for his friend Zoryth, and to find her you must fight the endless tr

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SequenceTT2 2.10.1

With this application, you can easily sequence the TT2 artifacts you have and reach a higher stage. There is a Tier list for your TT2 artifacts so tha

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It is a success to erase the two tiles of the same type, if you take all of the tiles. We enlarge so you can see that you touch many tiles on the smal

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BZZZZ!!! Simon wurde in die magische Konsole gesaugt und muss den Todesberg bezwingen um wieder aus dem Spiel zu kommen! Simons Rekord liegt bei 336 M

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Shapeseeker 0.1.1

Shapeseeker is an infinite platform runner setting out in an world of abstract shapes, telling a story about an AI gaining conscious in the program wo

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SatYone Superstar is a gaming app created by SMART Myanmar to teach garment factory workers about good practices for occupational safety & health in t

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Features and how to play: - Classic arcade game with retro graphics features like CRT screen. - Touch left or right to move your space ship. - Several

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GooglePlay Indie Game Festival 2018: Top 20 Award-winner! RQ2 is a single-player tactical JRPG with a battle system based on Reversi. Those good ole d

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Sandbox game. Craft & Build RealmCraft is a sandbox construction game with 3D procedurally generated infinity world. Create and break apart various ki

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Our Crossy Puppy Patrol has a new mission on the road. They need a fast paw to help them win this run! Run, collect coins and power-ups, avoid the tra

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Ps2 Emulator Project For Android is a high-performance ps2 emulator for android. You will easily be able to play popular games on the PS 2. No games a

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Have you ever dream of joining a police car wash saloon and repairing garage. Here is the best chance for you to fulfill your dream. Police cars are t

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Keep forgetting to bring your character sheet to a gaming session? Tired of keeping track of paper character sheets that get ruffled around edges? OPL

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Pop bubbles and rescue baby pandas in this fun bubble shooter game! Shoot and blast your way through puzzles to beat the evil baboon! Blast, match, an

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【NARUTOアプリの最新作】 全世界で登録者1000万人を突破! ナルティメットシリーズ初のアプリゲームが“忍フォーメーションバトル”として登場! ------------ ゲーム概要 ------------ ◆◇新感覚忍フォーメーションバトル◇◆ 直観的な操作で、本格的な戦略バトルが楽しめる!

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Merge Your Favorite Sneakers! Merge Sneakers lets you merge discover and customize your favorite kicks! Match your two favorite shoes and combine them

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Pi is constant, it is represented by the Greek letter π. The numerical value of π is 3.1415926....... Pi is infinite series irrational number. From wi

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