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無料でクロスワードを楽しめるゲームです。 問題数は560問以上!随時追加していきます! 登録不要、無料で楽しめます。 縦8マス横8マスから、縦15マス横15マスまでのクロスを用意しています。 ●操作はとっても簡単 起動後、クロスワードメニューからクロスワードを選択すると遊ぶことができます。 ゲーム画

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Word Search Mettre à jour temps 3.55

Love word search games? You'll be impressed with our app! Find more than 12,000 words by solving theme based puzzles. Get bonus points for finding wor

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Tavla Online Mettre à jour temps 1.6.0

2000 yılından itibaren milyonların oynadığı Gamyun Tavla şimdi telefonunda, üstelik ÜCRETSİZ. Artık her yerde oyun oynayıp arkadaşlarınla sohbet edebi

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Number Puzzle Mettre à jour temps 2.7

A classic math puzzle game. Tap and move the wood number tiles, enjoy the magic of digit, coordinate your eyes, hands and brain. Challenge your logic

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Mini Airport Mettre à jour temps 1.0.4

Mini Airport is a strategy simulation game that let you experience the role and responsibility of an air traffic controller. Are you ready to take on

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Lucky word cookies Mettre à jour temps 1.1.5

Lucky Word cookies is a crossword puzzle that can make money, it can make you spend your leisure time happily Here you can not only use your free time

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KOSMOS Helper App Mettre à jour temps 3.3.10

Do you have Ubongo, Tumult Royale, Imhotep, the nominee for “Spiel des Jahres” or the “Kennerspiel des Jahres” EXIT? You want to learn how to play it

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Hidden Empire Mettre à jour temps 1.48

Hidden Empire Galaxy Adventures (HEGA) ist eine strategische Aufbausimulation im Geiste von klassischen Browsergames, das als kostenloses und werbefre

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Hexa Box Mettre à jour temps 2.37

Hexa Box is a hexa block puzzle game. It`s simple yet addictive gameplay that challenges your brain & helps You to develop logic, concentration, aware

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Home Draw Puzzle ​- Draw One Part Game Mettre à jour temps 1.9.28

✍️ Home Draw Puzzle ​- Draw One Part Game is a very funny and creative game, you will experience the puzzles combined with extremely smart and challen

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Guide For My Town : Freind's House Mettre à jour temps 3.0

Welcome to our My Town : Friend's House walkthrough guide, What is more fun than spending the day with your best friends? In My Town: Best Friends' Ho

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Cryptogram Mettre à jour temps 1.15.12

Decipher the encrypted text to reveal the motivational quote! A cryptogram (or cryptoquote) is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encr

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Coloring Fish Princess Mettre à jour temps 1.2

Looking for a Coloring Fish Princess app for kids? If you or your child are a fan of the mermaid and princess characters from fairy tales, you will l

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Chess Coach Mettre à jour temps 2.60

All the exercises are grouped according to the strategic and tactical ideas. Right now the app has this group exercises: Mate in 1 Mate in 2 Mate in 3

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Best Sudoku (Free) Mettre à jour temps 4.3.16

Do you want to play the best Sudoku for free? Then you should try our Sudoku !! Advance through valleys, deserts, glaciers and more as you play hundre

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SUMI SUMI : Matching Puzzle Mettre à jour temps 3.13.1

◆ Popular characters from San-X has transformed into "Sumisumi" ◆ Cute characters such as Rilakkuma ,Sumikko Gurashi, Tarepanda, etc. are gathered tog

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Puzzle Legends Mettre à jour temps 0.8.2

Join the quest and be part of the legend! Join Alina on her epic fantasy adventure in an original world full of match-3 puzzle battles, powerful heroe

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Teka Teki silang atau disingkat TTS adalah permainan di mana kita harus mengisi kotak kotak kosong (berbentuk kotak putih) dengan huruf-huruf yang mem

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Очередной выпуск игры в слова для пытливых умов! Хочешь проверить свой словарный запас? Тогда эта игра для тебя - составь максимальное количество слов

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The goal - survive as long as possible, until the board is filled. Tap a ball and move it to empty place. Arrange 5 balls of one color in any directio

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