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Dual Mount SD Updated 3.29

This widget Modifies a setting that will allow you to mount your SD card to your phone and PC/Radio/ect at the same time. *Do Not Use android auto mou

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ApkRenamer Updated 2.0.1

ApkRenamer renames automatically apks file in your device. If you have an apk file with a name you do not know, this application allows you to rename

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Psnine Updated 0.7.1

P9第三方安卓客户端,支持安卓5.0及以上系统- 支持社区、问答、游戏、排行、约战、基因、圈子、商店、闲游九大类别的显示、主题查看、主题回复- 支持社区、问答、基因、约战和交易的发帖和编辑- 支持攻略讨论中的分页、游戏列表、新旧版评论和楼中楼的显示与回复- 支持社区、问答、游戏、约战、基因、圈子、商

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Magus Updated 1.08

Control your Android with just tilts and flips!Use combos of physical 3D gestures to do or launch almost anything you wish without even unlocking your

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آلة حاسبة Updated 10.0.12

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雪球 Updated 9.14

雪球是什么:· 雪球是一个投资者的社交网络,聪明的投资者都在这里。在雪球,你能做什么:· 订阅你关注的股票、基金、债券、比特币、期货、信托,全方位收取新闻、公告和用户讨论 · 管理个人投资组合,与其他球友分享交易操作 · 与其他投资者实时交流,即时聊天 · 加入投资者间的私密群组,分享私密信息

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墨笺 Updated 1.2.2

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Lightroom Updated 2.3.4

Adobe Lightroom mobile is a companion app to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Lightroom mobile requires Lightroom 5 and any of the following plans:• Adobe

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雅思考满分 Updated 3.0.7

「雅思考满分」是我们为中国雅思考生量身定制的雅思备考工具。1. 考满分语料库——智能模式,事半功倍既保留了传统听写模式,又增加了优化后的智能模式——沉浸式学习,刷词效率高。拼错的单词即错即学,并根据记忆曲线反复出现,直到拼对为止。每次自定义要学习的单词数,一次学习即可掌握全部所选单词。2. 官方听力

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Star Wars Updated

The Star Wars app is your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away.Winner of the 2016 People's Voice Webby Award, the Star Wars app immers

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Zoosk Updated 4.0.11

Zoosk is the #1 dating app. Chat with local singles, let our Behavioral Matchmaking™ engine set you up with your perfect match, and start dating smart

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TianYa Updated 3.0

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Internet Speed Meter Updated 2.0.5

Internet Speed Meter is an Internet Speed and usage monitor for your smartphone.Now Monitor Your Internet Speed Smartly, Safely and In a Correct Way.K

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AudioVision Updated 2.8.5

AudioVision is modern designed music visualizer, which can be used as fully-featured music player at the same time. It allows you to organize your mus

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Full Screen Launcher PRO Updated 2.1.1

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Death Rally Updated 1.1.4

Played more than 120 million times by more than 11 million gamers worldwide! FREE to play for as long as you like! A thrilling career mode where you c

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Phantaxy Effect Updated 1.03

What to style your phone? Let's try Phanatxy!The most fantasy scenarios and foreground effect are on your cell phone now!Phantaxy provides several sce

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口袋魔方 Updated 3.4.6

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Lagatgram Updated 4.1.1

Lagatgram is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that relies on Telegram's API.This app works on the same servers as the official Telegram app, but has the fo

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BlackBerry Launcher Updated

Turn multi-step actions like sending an email or calling a friend into a one-click task. BlackBerry Launcher lets you organize apps, widgets and short

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ENJOY Updated 2.3.4

Enjoy 是饭本团队推出的全新应用。通过 ENJOY,你可以随时掌握城中精英餐馆的最新动向,以最低价格购买他们的限量套餐、私人订制活动入场券,或参与试吃他们的隐藏菜单和新菜,享受最优质的用餐体验。我们向用户提供:- 独家菜单:由 Enjoy 团队与精英餐馆精心设计的菜单,只向 Enjoy 用户独家

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Kompas Updated 3.1

Compass is a traveler’s best friend. You can use Compass in all outdoor activities as you can think about - walking, sailing, hiking, climbing, campi

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Xperia™ Home Updated 10.2.a.2.10

Have you seen the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc? Ever wanted to have the look of their new UI on your standard android device? Well here is your chan

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S1 Next Updated 0.5.5

An Android Client for STAGE1.

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Companion Updated 1.2.1

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HD Wallpapers Updated 1.0.b13

The best HD home screen wallpapers and lock screen backgrounds. Cute pets, relaxing nature, pretty women, awesome animals, and much, much more.

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旅行翻译官 Updated 4.5.0

《旅行翻译官》由蚂蜂窝旅行网原创打造,让您的Android设备开口说话。包含40多个语种,每个语种根据不同的场景进行分类,如交通、问候、银行、购物、娱乐、餐饮等。* 每条语句点击即可发音,简单方便* 全中文界面* 默认支持中英文翻译* 多国语音包* 录音分享蚂蜂窝旅行网拥有20多万篇精彩的游记,涉及

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SManager Updated 3.0.6

Execute scripts and executables, root explorer, file manager, multi tab browser and terminal emulator.* Scripts Executables Manage and execute shell

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LagFix (fstrim) Premium Updated 1.5.1

★ THIS APP REQUIRES ROOT! ★★ WARNING! ★ Read FAQ before using! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=37029420&postcount=122Try FREE version

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Rovo Updated 4.4.7

Rovo is a modern circle icon pack that will give your icons that extra flair you've been searching for. Using unique color combinations and a minimal

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