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MathsMate Information Plus Solvers Free provides general mathematical information sheets plus a range of equations solvers/calculations in the maths fields of Geometry,
Statics,Series,Proportional Lengths,Interest,Areas and Volumes. Also operations between square matrices can be performed (multiply,Addition,Subtraction, Transpose) as well
as Linear Equations solving using the Jacobi Interation method.General settings can be made for the program and  for the Jacobi Interation method. The App is easy to
use with a tab/swipe layout design. The About/Help tab offers a simple web browser. For the linear solvers using the Jacobi method requires setting the initial variable
estimates and the number of interations. On display of the results a Error value is also displayed next to the variable value. The error is the difference between the
displayed and previous variable value. Generally the smaller the error value the more accurate is the result. Matrices can be saved, emailed, downloaded to file and
Also Unit conversions and sci-calculator.

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