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Éternel 1.9.7

Influenced by modern design and inspired by minimalism, Éternel is an attempt to beautify your Android device. Paired with Apex launcher take the expe

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通知栏日历 通知栏日历是一款实用、优雅的日历类应用。它尽可能的被设计的简单、易用且直观,您只需要启动一次应用即可让它在系统的通知栏激活,它能够为您提供公历、农历及节日节气的信息,完全满足您的日常需求。

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酷翻译 1.7.1

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Manage your shortcuts,bookmarks of the File Explorer and Browser,Music,PicturesES Bookmark Manager is managing your shortcuts/bookmarks of the ES Fil

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RebelMouse 1.6.0

RebelMouse organizes your online presence into a beautiful, dynamic and social site — in minutes. Create a social front page that automatically update

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Currency Exchange for over 180 currencies with live exchange rates and offline mode. Easy to setup and manage your comparison .with rates base on real

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+ need root access.Disable Service helps you to disable services running in the background such as "push service" ,"upload service" or "pull ad servic

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LaserBeam 1.1.0

Laser cut sharp line icons look like Laser Beam. Neon glow crispy line style icons,FEATURES:1) 3020+ xxxhdpi icons in 192x192px resolution2) 24 hand

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OPEN开腔 2.0.1

OPEN开腔是一款新锐媒体APP,专为新青年量身打造,针对当下最热门最具争议的话题,任何人都可以发表自己的观点和看法,同时有机会和行业知名的专家或者意见领袖一同探讨。 OPEN通过汇集不同背景的人,多维、共时、深度探讨,求同存异,从而进行体面的社交,构建中国人理性的公共空间。 谁在OPEN: 主流新

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Swift Dark 3.3.3

New!! Swift Dark now includes a black and a pixel blue CM theme alternative. You use an app called Arcus to install it and after install it'll work ju

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热门话题 5.1.1

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Do you really need to wake up up? WeatherAlarm looks out of the display for you, so you can keep on sleeping! Has it ever took place to you to be

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RDM+ 2.1.2

Access and control your Mac or Windows PC remotely right from your mobile device with RDM+ Remote Desktop app. Don't be tied to your home or office

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轻量级状态栏网速指示软件1、体积小2、无广告3、可以在状态栏显示当前网速(精简),通知栏显示详细网速注意:仅支持android 6.0 及以上系统

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