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- Synchronize your iCloud calendar on your Android device for free. - There are no limitations, all features are available for free. Features include:

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Mi-Apps 12.2.1

With Mi-Apps, enable your business to create clipboard apps to replace your paper forms processes, bringing you faster, cleaner data for real-time rep

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Take your business communications to the next level with ChatWork. ChatWork is an all-in-one chat, task, video and file-sharing platform that inspires

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This app is designed for all hard-working shift workers. You can add customized shifts easily.
The major feature of this App is 'Easy to Use'. When ed

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Calculator 5.1.0

A simple calculator, the display of which indicates expressions and gives easy operation for editing. The calculator PanecalST includes features below

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Xfinity xFi

The Xfinity xFi app will change the way you WiFi with a whole new way to personalize and control your home network. With xFi, you can set up your home

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★九大服務特色★ 1.帳單與繳款:未結帳金額、帳單明細隨手查,上網用量一手掌握;24小時APP繳款,輕鬆又方便。 2.常用功能:即時申裝加值服務好方便、貼心提供網內外門號、手機操作查詢、漫遊設定不必等。 3.專屬優惠:提供最適合您的優惠方案,為您的權益把關,專屬贈品及精選活動,盡享尊榮禮遇。 4.門

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Otter Voice Notes

Otter is a smart note-taking and collaboration app that empowers you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations (for English only). An en

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A help for Jehovah's Witnesses in their field service to quickly take notes and stay organized. It's very easy to keep track of your territories, all

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Hamro Patro 14.0.7

सम्पूर्ण नेपालीको लागि एउटै एपः "हाम्रो पात्रो" (Hamro Patro) – अब लोकप्रिय रेडियो तथा अडियो सामाग्रीहरू लिएर 'हाम्रो अडिओ' (Hamro Audio) सहित प्रस्तु

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HexaTech VPN is a revolutionary VPN proxy created by Betternet, specially designed for mobile with an ultra -fast speed, block-proof protocol and extr

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Tasks 6.7.2

Tasks is free and open source task management software based on the same code as Astrid! The complete source code is available at

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Shortcutter 7.6.3

Shortcutter by @LeeDrOiD:Feature packed & an ideal replacement for many standalone apps: Immersive Mode, Screenshot, Screen Recording & much more.Desi

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Kcanotify is an open-source viewer tool for Kantai Collection Android, provides various features like expedition/docking notification or see battle pr

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The HP Print Service Plugin enables printing on your Android™ Kitkat™ (v4.4) and newer device without the need for additional print drivers. This app

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Flashlight 1.4.1

Flashlight free app. It has beautiful combination of flashlight and clock. This is the brightest, simple and very useful camera led flashlight and clo

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Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free! NOW with FREE Sleep Tracker! Our smart

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Chromer 2.1.2

Chromer is a browser based on Google Chrome's Chrome Custom Tab.It simplifies browsing by prioritizing rendering a link first than anything else. This

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প্রধানমন্ত্রীর কার্যালয়ের একসেস টু ইনফরমেশন (এটুআই) প্রোগ্রাম, শিক্ষা মন্ত্রণালয় এবং প্রাথমিক ও গণশিক্ষা মন্ত্রণালয়ের যৌথ উদ্যোগে ‘মাল্টিমিডিয়া ক্লাসর

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Block 2.3.2

With Block you can finally get to do what you wanted to have done two hours ago, by getting back the control over your app usage. Are you a procrastin

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